Exclusive European Football Experience

We offer US youth soccer players the opportunity to train with European clubs and aim for a professional contract

How We Turn Soccer Players into Footballers

The European football industry helps players develop their skills and increase their chances of going pro.

The Benefits of Playing in a European Club


Get evaluated by renowned coaches that have helped many pro players develop


Have a better chances at going pro by being part of the European scouting system


Showcase your experience and skills to get a college scholarship or pro contract

American Soccer vs European Football Systems

The European System is focused on helping its players sign pro contracts, rather than being focused on collegiate level play.

Soccer System

6 to 14 Years Old
Local club
14 to 18 Years Old
High School
18 to 22 Years Old
22+ Years Old
Draft / Pro contract

Football System

6 to 14 Years Old
Local club
10 to 15 Years Old
Best local club affiliated to pro clubs
15 to 18 Years Old
Pro Academy
18+ Years Old
Pro Contract

Our Recruiting and Experience Process

Submit your application and show us your stuff! Include game highlights and skill assessments.
Work with our local professional coaches as we evaluate your skills and determine if you're a good fit for the European leagues
Train up to 4 weeks with the club that fits your skills best. Build a network of European contacts and get your name in the scouting system.

See how Soccer to Football changed Kai's soccer career